Try Dives

  • A Try Dive allows you to experience using Scuba in the safety of a swimming pool without the cost of paying for a full course. Treat yourself to something a little different.

  • You will have about an hour in the water. We let you experience the thrill of breathing underwater. We then show you a couple of skills which are for your safety and comfort.

  • AM Divers Scuba training pool session

  • After that it's time to find out what it feels like to float mid water and swim along effortlessly round the deep end of the swimming pool. The pool is about 3 meters deep, more than enough for you to start to understand the excitement that we all feel when we're under the water.

  • We provide all the scuba diving equipment that you will need.

  • What should you bring?

  • Swim wear
  • T-shirt
  • Soft drink
  • Towel

  • The cylinder we provide you with contains air, just like you would breathe on the surface. The only difference is that any moisture in the air has been removed. This means you might have a dry mouth at the end of the evening.

  • What's next?

  • We can only give you a taster of what you can experience in the underwater world. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to import any dolphins to enhance your excitement!

  • If you would like to book a life changing experience please contact us here
  • AM Divers Swimming in Red Sea with wild Dolphin
  • This picture, taken in Hurghada whilst we were on holiday there in 2005, might allow you to realise that anything is possible. This was a wild dolphin that chose to swim with us. He spent about 15 minutes swimming round the group. Going up to the surface and coming back to swim amongst us again.
  • AM Divers Boat Trip to St Abbs.
  • Experience the thrill once qualified with a RIB trip. This picture was taken on a recent outing to St Abbs